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Ace the SAT with a 1500+ Score in 1 Month: The Ultimate Study Plan for Guaranteed Success

May 29, 2024

If you're a student aiming to achieve academic excellence, securing a score of 1500 or higher on the SAT can significantly contribute to your goals. In this detailed guide, you will find a study plan that can be completed within just one month, without the need for coaching or expensive resources. These valuable tips and strategies provide a pathway to success in various academic pursuits. So, continue reading to dive into the comprehensive plan that will help you excel on the SAT and beyond.

Understanding the SAT

Before diving into the preparation plan, you need to familiarize yourself with the SAT. The SAT is a standardized test commonly taken by students in the United States and internationally. In the US, it is offered almost every month, while in most countries, it is available five times a year. Your target score will depend on the universities you aspire to attend. For example, renowned institutions like Harvard University often require an average SAT score of 1500 or above.

Moreover, the SAT consists of several sections, each with its own time limit and question format. The reading section spans 65 minutes, with 52 questions to answer. The writing and language test allows 35 minutes to complete 44 questions. The math test is divided into two sections: one with a calculator and one without, each lasting 25 minutes.

Initial preparation

To begin your SAT preparation, take a full-length SAT mock test. This will help you gauge your starting point and identify areas for improvement. Remember, everyone's goal is a 1500+ score, but your starting point may differ. Understanding where you stand will guide the intensity and duration of your preparation.

For your convenience, you can scroll to the bottom of this article for a downloadable PDF of practice SAT questions with an answer key. Remember, practice is the key to success in the SAT, and using these practice questions will provide you with invaluable insights and enhance your confidence as you embark on this academic endeavor. And if you find the practice questions helpful and effective in boosting your SAT preparation, consider taking your preparation to the next level with Aha, an AI-powered learning platform. Aha offers personalized SAT practice questions tailored to your strengths and weaknesses, ensuring you get the most targeted and efficient preparation possible. Sign up for Aha today and experience a smarter way to prepare for the SAT, maximizing your chances of success and achieving your dream score!

Registering for the SAT

Once you've assessed your starting point, register for the SAT. Check the College Board's website to find the test dates available in your country. Ideally, book a test within 30 to 45 days, as having a deadline will motivate you to stay committed to your preparation. Don't worry if you need to retake the test; there are no negative consequences, and you can always improve your score.

Week 1: learning concepts

Your first week of preparation will focus on utilizing the Khan Academy website. Khan Academy offers an excellent resource for SAT preparation, and it is entirely free. Spend this week completing the math, reading, writing, and essay sections of the practice materials available on the Khan Academy dashboard. Watch the basic and harder example videos for each section, and then proceed to practice the questions. This step will solidify your understanding of the concepts and allow you to grasp the SAT-specific question format.

Here are a few more great SAT practice websites:

  1. Aha - Aha is an excellent resource for SAT preparation, providing a variety of practice questions and personalized learning experiences through its AI platform.
  2. Kaplan - Kaplan offers free SAT practice tests and a range of resources to help you prepare for the exam.

Week 2: applying concepts with practice

During the second week, turn your attention to SAT workbooks such as Barron's. These workbooks are highly recommended for focused practice. There are three essential workbooks to acquire: reading, writing, and math. Each day, spend time working through the practice exercises in these workbooks. Since you already have a grasp of the concepts from online resources, focus primarily on solving the questions. Aim to complete the practice tests provided within the workbooks, allowing yourself flexibility in how you split the three subjects over the ten days.

Week 3: focusing on your weaknesses

During the third week of your preparation, it's time to focus on your weaknesses. Review your performance in the Barron's workbooks and use a workbook like the Princeton SAT Premium Prep book to target and improve these areas. Spend time reflecting on why you missed certain questions and identify any patterns in your mistakes. For example, if you struggle with math word problems, look for similar problems in the Princeton book and practice them until you master the concept. Remember to take your time and thoroughly understand each question you miss. You can extend this week if you need more time to work on your weaker areas.

Week 4: testing and refining your knowledge

The final phase of your SAT preparation revolves around regular practice through mock tests. Aim to take at least ten mock tests in total, ideally one test per day. Start your day by taking a mock test in the morning, allocating the required 3 hours and 50 minutes, including the optional essay. In the afternoon, review your test, identify areas for improvement, and understand where you went wrong. In the evening, practice any weaker topics from the Princeton book, focusing on targeted improvement.

Recommended mock tests:

To ensure your preparation aligns with the actual SAT format, it is crucial to practice with official SAT mock tests. The College Board provides official practice tests that closely resemble the real exam. These tests are available on the College Board website, and you can download and print them or take them online. It is also recommended to use mock tests from other sources, such as the Princeton portal, to expose yourself to different question styles and strategies.


Congratulations! You have completed the comprehensive one-month plan to score 1500+ on the SAT. By following this self-guided study approach and utilizing the recommended resources, you have equipped yourself for success. Remember, consistent practice and review are key to achieving your desired score. As you wrap up your one-month SAT study plan, don't forget to check out Aha's AI learning platform. With a range of SAT practice questions tailored to your needs, Aha can help you continue your academic journey and achieve your full potential. Subscribe to Aha today and take the next step towards SAT success!

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